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Our Pet Policy

You don't have to bring a pet to enjoy our festival.

But if you do - please read below.

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You can feel good about helping raise over $75,000 for our charities and relocate dozens of homeless animals into forever homes.

  • Friendly, leashed animals are welcome to attend, but aggressive or
    uncontrollable animals are not.

  • Only one dog per adult is allowed regardless of the size of your dog. 

  • For the security of both our two and four legged attendees, your pet
    must be up to date on all its vaccinations.

  • Take note of the designated potty areas and please bring poop bags. 

  • All pets must be kept on a leash (no longer than 6 ft.) or enclosed in a pet friendly enclosure (strollers etc.)

  • Pet owners must clean up if accidents occur. We have several sanitation stations throughout the festival grounds for accidents. 

  • Understand that in bringing your pet into the Woofa~Roo Pet Fest that you are doing so at your sole risk, cost and expense.
    Any harm that comes to the animal shall be solely your responsibility.

  • You shall be solely liable and held responsible should any injury occur to any person, other animal or property as a result
    of the behaviour of your animal(s) whether expected or unexpected, regardless of stimulous for the behaviour.

  • If your animal shows any potential for hostility toward people or other animals, you will be asked to remove the animal 
    ​from the festival.​

  • Most importantly, please, please use common sense! If your pet gets nervous around large crowds or does not interact well with people or other pets, please leave them home.

​Please do not bring female dogs in season to Woofa~Roo Pet Fest.

Always ask before approaching an unknown dog (especially important for young children).

Stay connected with your dog's well being and comfort - use our hydration stations and visit our air conditioned indoors. 

Woofa~Roo Pet Policy

Please Note: 1 Pet Per Adult On A Leash

No Longer Than 2 Metres (6 FT.)

All Friendly Pets Are Welcome To Bring Their Responsible Owners!

golden retriever puppy