Woofa~Roo's Wacky Wiener Dog Races!

Welcome Flying Furballs!

We are delighted to welcome Flying Furballs again this year! They will be conducting a short lesson period for those of you who are interested in how the pros bring out the best experience in throwing and retrieving.

But for those of you interested in testing your skill against other canine athletes - we'll be running a competition! Schedule coming soon.

For more information, please click HERE

New Crazy Fun With Disc Dogs!

Disc Dog Trials and Lessons! New This Year!!!!

Proceeds Will Benefit Our Charities & Rescues​

Wacky Fun For Everyone!

Brought to you by popular demand.

Held on Sunday, August 14th at 4:00 pm.

Limited registration to the first 15 applicants! Register the day of inside the Libro Centre at the Information Desk. Registration closes at 3:30 pm.

Cost is $5 per dog - proceeds benefit our

Charities & Rescues!

Gifts for all!

Prizes for top 3, courtesy of Stiemar Bakery!

Test your dog's skill, training or just have CRAZY FUN in the Gauntlet. 
Check out this obstacle course designed for two or four legged kids!
Free will donations for this event benefit Danes In Distress

Have CRAZY FUN for a great cause!

Do you have a crazy, jumping, water-loving dog? Then DOCK DIVING might be a FUNTASTIC fit for you! 

Registration is open for Ontario DockDogs at 

Woofa~Roo Pet Festival! Go to:


On-site registration is available for $30.

Try dockdogs will be running in between waves. $20 for 5 tickets (each ticket is valid for a turn on the dock). All proceeds from try dockdogs are going to Woofa~Roo's charity organizations. Registration for try dockdogs is onsite only!

Any questions please feel free to send us a message on facebook or e-mail info@ontariodockdogs.com

Fee to run the Lure Course at the Festival is $5 per run.

Pre-registration is not necessary, you may register and pay at the Festival.

Rules and waiver can be read at the festival or online through this link: Woofa~Roo Dashers

Do you have a crazy dog who loves to chase things?

Then come out and try Lure Coursing.

Though lure coursing was developed as a performance event for sighthounds, many breeds of dogs have the ability to lure course. Many dogs love the thrill of the chase, not just sighthounds. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a small terrier, a Labrador Retriever or a mixed breed, if they love to chase moving things, they will love lure coursing!

All Breed Lure Coursing

 Who Will Be The Face Of Woofa~Roo For 2018?

Last year, KIP

was our winner and now the proud face of Woofa~Roo for 2017.



JULY 2017!


With so many different breeds of dogs, how do you know which breed will suit you and your family? Who would know best? After doing your own research, wouldn't it be nice to speak with someone with first hand experience? Well here's your chance to Meet The Breed at Woofa~Roo Pet Fest.

Woofa~Roo believes that you - informed owners of your well loved breed - can help others learn about your breed. Does your breed need an experienced handler? Are there traits in your dog that enhance ownership or maybe challenge a family? What are the grooming requirements of your favorite breed? We hope that you can educate our public through your own knowledge and experience of your breed. 

We are looking for a good representation of the breed (Champions are fantastic but not necessary). You must be knowledgable about the origins of your breed and be up for a 3-5 minute interview on stage. If you have some good pointers and a passion for your breed, we'd love to have you sign up here.

We'll get back with you as soon as possible to let you know if your breed is still available for presentation. 


Please read our pet policy.

Enter An Event

Crazy Fun

With a Charitable Twist!


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Friendly Pets Are Welcome To Bring Their Responsible Owners!

Please Read Our Pet Policy.

Crazy Fun Dock Diving

Competitions or Charity Jumps!

The Woofa~Roo Gauntlet, Hosted by Danes In Distress

We Are Sorry

Registration is Now Closed for 

Meet The Breed